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The Man-Fur Coat Is Made Entirely from Male Chest Hair

English designer who spent 200 hours woven over a million strands of hair male breast to create stylish fur coat . The aptly named Man - fur coat is 100 % real and it can be for the modest price of £ 2499 ( $ 3900 ) you .

We feature some stunning exotic clothing accessories in the past , but a coat made ​​from men's chest hair ? That was the first , even for us . Stranger still is the fact that it commissioned a dairy company Arla English called , to promote their new chocolate milk , Wing - Co , which is aimed at men . The drink , which contains 40 percent more protein to other chocolate milks , is marketed as " manly chocolate milk for men with added people . " Apparently , Arla believes the British people have been " Manning down " in recent years , and the coat is meant to make them feel proud of their sportsmanship , rather than repressing it . " We commissioned the Man - fur coat as a wake - up call for the country gents . One way to encourage them to readopt the amount of assured ' masculine men ' from yesteryear who would laugh nonchalantly in front of emergency and proud of their liberal masculinity , " said a company spokesman .

The Man-fur coat is the latest in a series of parody advertisements called "Lait d'Homme", but it is actually for sale, if someone really wants to walk around with chest hair range. To 2,499 pounds ($ 3,900) is pretty expensive too, but then again natural fur has never been cheap.

If you find attractive human hair dress, you may want to check out the Vietnamese coat made ​​from a million meters of hair, or wedding gown is also made entirely of human hair.

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