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Bon Appetite! 40-Year-Old “Zombie Meat” Sold in Restaurants Across China

Bon Appetite! 40-Year-Old “Zombie Meat” Sold in Restaurants Across China
after rice plastic, concrete-filled walnuts, flavored pork and beef, the latest food scandal in China involves expired meat be at least 30 to 40 years old!

Officials in the Chinese food safety Have seized more than 100,000 tonnes of meat, worth 3 billion yuan (484 million US dollars), including pork trotters from the 1970s and chicken wings from the 1980s. As the news went viral online, netizens coined the word 'zombie meat' to refer to expired, oxidized meat.

800 tonnes of illegal meat is confiscated from Hunan province alone, worth an eye-watering 10 million yuan - one of the largest hauls food safety in recent years. 20 illegal gangs have been cracked down and arrested 22 people, including two leaders treats ring.

"It stank!" Said Zhang Tao, a customs official from Hunan. "The entire truck was full. I almost threw When I opened the door."

ACCORDING TO Yang Bo, deputy director of the customs bureau in Changsha, the smuggled meat is not inspected or quarantined. Most of it comes from stockpiles of food prepared in the US, smuggled through Vietnam and Hong Kong, with low-cost unrefrigerated truck. This causes the meat to rot and smell during the journey. When it reaches China, the meat is refrozen and sent to various provinces across the country. Such as meat Bo Said that can carry bird flu, foot and mouth disease, as well as mad cow disease.

"Frozen food smugglers have a network covering the whole country so any crackdown needs to be a multi-province effort, especially in the main battlefields of Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan," I added. "Concentrated efforts will be focused on the leadership of the gang to take the problem from the root and ensure the safety and health of consumers."

But that's a lot easier said than done - Insiders say that despite crackdowns and arrests, the trade continues to thrive. It costs only 17 yuan (2.74 US dollars) per year to store a ton of expired frozen meat, and the income is insane. So there will always be criminals willing to smuggle zombie meat. Make sure you smooth and organized gang transactions - They offer one-stop-shop for consumers, the inclusion of finding suppliers, Organising transportation, customs clearance, and delivery.

Surprisingly, rotten, stinky, expired meat has plenty of customers, mostly in smaller cities restaurants Where inspection procedures are lax. Zombie doubts meat can not be sold directly to consumers because it is oxidized and appear black. But restaurants are reliable for preparing the meat so that customers can not really tell the difference. At least two million tonnes of decades-old beef is believed to be consumed by unsuspecting Chinese consumers every year! That sounds scary, but many netizens are promising to find me inhumane situations. Someone jokingly commented: "Waiter, I'll have a 1980 cut of beef, and a '82 Coke."

Bon Appetite! 40-Year-Old “Zombie Meat” Sold in Restaurants Across China

Bon Appetite! 40-Year-Old “Zombie Meat” Sold in Restaurants Across China


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