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Jet Black Char Coal Cheddar Cheese Is Made with Real Charcoal

Manor Farm Shop in Leasingham , England , is currently selling one of the world's weirdest cheese - Cheese Coal char . And true to its name , it is actually made ​​with real coal . Can not seem to jet - black block ( or sound ) very appetizing , but they seem to be a big hit with the enthusiast cheese . In fact , say the shop staff person coming back for more ever since they introduced the extraordinary delicacy

" This is a mature cheddar but it was completely black inside where it mixed with charcoal but it tastes really creamy , " said Dan Mansfield , assistant manager at Manor Farm . " They got the new cheese in stock and is made from charcoal so we thought we'd try this company we get some of our supplies from said cheese . I 'd heard of it before and it does not look very appetizing , but it is very nice . we had a cut up shop for customers to try and come up with all the people who tried it bought an entire block of the sample block . "

The idea of integration of coal and cheese was so unusual that I wonder how anyone thought it in the first place . Birkin Amy Fine cheese from Michael Lee ( the creator of charcoal cheese ) , said : " We toyed with the idea of making a black cheese and how we can make it look appealing . " And when they came to know various mining communities around them that support , they found their ' black ingredient ' .

The company then created what they claim is the first and only all - black charcoal cheddar cheese , made ​​with mature cheddar and blended with activated charcoal . For their outstanding innovation, Michael Lee Fine Cheese has been awarded the ' Best New Idea ' at the Farm Shop and Deli show , 2014 . " Our customers are a mix of delis , Retailers , Wholesalers , marketers , restaurants , caterers , hotels , sports stadiums , the top end of the Chef , etc. , used it in their cheeseboards , canapés , deli refrigerators and other not different recipes , " said Amy .

Although its makers and shop owners insist that charcoal cheese is very real and actually tastes good , not everyone is buying the idea . When Manor Farm posted pictures on their Facebook page , one user commented : " Get lost , April Fool 's was last week . "

Black food seems to be getting very popular these days . Just a few weeks ago we posted an article on Indigo Rose , a variety of black tomatoes touted as the latest diet craze .


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