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Dr Jeffrey Life – The Guy with the Head of a 70-Year-Old and the Body of a 20-Year-Old Bodybuilder

10:01 AM

Neck - up , a 70 - year -old man . Neck - down , a 20 - year -old bodybuilder . This is what a picture of Dr. Jeffrey Lifelooks want . When I first looked at it I thought it was really a young person in which the face is aging as a disease , but it is actually the other way round . The picture is that of a real 70 year old, and we can safely vouch for the fact that his head is not photoshopped onto the body of a model . Although , Dr. Living procedures to achieve her dream body can not exactly be called as natural . The people are heavily dependent on hormonal changes like this .
Dr. Life 's life ( odd ) is changed at the age of 60 , when he began performing fitness pretty seriously . Until then , he is overweight, a borderline diabetic and stressed - out . It was when he came across a 12 - week fitness challenge with muscles Media magazine he decided to make some changes in his life . So he sent his new image as required by the challenge and began to exercise great time . After 3 months is up , he has lost over 25 lbs and too cut back on fat body . This, however , does not hold at the age of 64 , his body could not handle muscle mass and began to shrink . The culprit - a condition known as andropause - involving a purely declining levels of testosterone .

And so , to return to a new and pumped body , for the past 9 years that Dr. Life is taking regular doses of testosterone and human growth hormone . This, of course , along with a rigorous training regimen ( six days a week including cardio hard , heavy weight lifting , martial arts , Pilates , and more ) and diet (with low GI carbs and supplements ) . And the results are plain for all to see .

Testosterone replacement therapy does not come without their own risks , however . It is known to be caused by an enlarged prostate , and human growth hormone can increase the risk of diabetes and cancer . Most doctors believe that the fall in the level of testosterone is a normal part of the aging process and should not be tampered with . Top doctors even say that these programs are absolutely groundless and prey upon people want to wind back the clock .

But Dr. Life is unfazed by such warnings . He was pretty happy with the treatment he is undergoing and no qualms about fixing artificial hormones in her body . Several years ago , he even stopped his medical skills to start an anti - aging practice . He himself spent about $ 1,500 a month on his own treatment . So now reversing the aging process is made ​​possible by scientific advancements , perhaps the next step would be to try and get Dr. Life to become immortal . What else you expect him to do , with a name like his ?
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