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70-Year-Old Woman Looks Like She Just Turned 40 Thanks to Vegan Diet and Rainwater

Just yesterday , we wrote about Dr. Life , the man with the face of a 70 - year -old physique and a 20 - year -old bodybuilder 's . Well , the news today is another 70 year old who seems to have found the secret to eternal youth , not only to him indicate using growth hormones and testosterone . Annette Larkins not seem a day over 40 , thanks to diet and lifestyle he maintains . She looks so young that people mistake him to be a daughter , when she 's out with her ​​husband of 54 years , but I suppose he was not complaining .

Mrs. Larkins says the secret to her beauty lies in the raw vegan diet , consisting of organic vegetables , fruits , seeds and nuts grown in his own garden , he calls the ' fountain of youth ' . The woman did not hit anything -cooked . And another weird thing he does is collect rainwater , to keep his garden blossoming , but also drinking . But the residents of Miami - Dade County , Florida , did not always have such a healthy lifestyle . In fact , he regularly consumed meat , such as his wife used to owning a meat factory way back in 1960 . It was then that she decided to change her eating habits forever . And what a great decision that. I mean , just look at him !

When he started off , Mrs. Larkins was just looking for some health benefits and never expected that he looked like a 40 - year -old at the age of 70 . In 27 years he has been eating raw , Mrs. Larkins has written two booklets called Journey to Health and also create a DVD which contains all her healthy secrets . Her husband , Mr. Larkins , followed her example she wanted , because now he looks much , much older and also suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure . He takes prescription drugs every day , but Annette did not even take aspirin .
I do know some people who consume a raw food , myself, but do not look as young as women . Perhaps he got too good gene , or there is something wonderful to drink rainwater him ?

nstead of buying all the over - advertised " beauty secrets " sell cosmetic corporations , maybe we should just look at people like Annette Larkins for the secret to a longer , healthier lifestyle . Just my 2 cents ... Oh wait , I forgot , we're looking for quick , easy ways to improve our appearance !
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