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Young Woman Is Strangely Addicted to Sponges and Soap

10:36 AM

While the rest of the world is awakening to the benefits of eating organic food , 21 - year -old Kerry Trebilcock is doing just the opposite . Basically , what he did not even eat food . The girl from Cornwall eating ( yes , eating ) soap and sponges . Right now , he consumed 4,000 washing sponges and over 100 bars of soap . Well , I suppose he at least have super - clean intestines !

This is no laughing matter though , as Kerry is suffering from a condition called pica , which makes her crave things that have nothing to do with food . People with pica have been known to eat a variety of metal objects from the sand , and even chalk , coal , light bulbs and appliances . For a long time , Kerry 's diet consists of sponges dipped in tea or hot chocolate , or spiced up with mustard and barbecue sauce . He never left the house without a snack - a small plastic bag of cut up sponges and sauce in a Tupperware .

But Kerry was not always like this , he would eat normally until the year 2008 . It was during a holiday in Morocco that he took a hookworm infection of the intestines . These things have not been quite the same since , and his eating habits consistently worsened . At first , he just crave junk food , but not soon enough to satisfy her craving . Even after a double helping of lasagna and a tub of ice cream , he'd still be hungry . On a good day , he happened to take a new sponge out to make the food and had this intense desire to eat . When he gulped it down with the help of some water , his hunger will finally be gone .

As satisfied as food sponges made ​​her feel , Kerry is terrified of what was happening to him . " I knew something was very wrong with me but I do not want to tell anyone as I felt like a freak , " he said . In 2009 , he finally mustered up the courage to confide in a friend and see a doctor . It was then that he was diagnosed with PICA , and said that his system Digestive be seriously damaged . Fortunately, Kerry has some hope of recovery and has been placed as well as a program of counseling and vitamins . Now , he has been able to cut back to just one - inch square of sponge and three teaspoons of organic soap with each meal . " One day I will beat this and be able to have a shower or do the washing - up without feeling hungry , " he said . We sure hope he does .

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