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African Pastor Turns Woman’s Hair into Delicious Food for His Congregation

African Pastor Turns Woman’s Hair into Delicious Food for His Congregation
A shepherd of the sheep from South Africa, who made headlines for former prayer for His Society Until they got, now in the news again for turning hair of a young woman having her followers foods straight and eat it on its head mule.

Page pictures posted on Facebook End Times Ministries Apostles' show pastors, prophets Mnguni Penuel, Putting His Hands girls. He was a member of the Society was no holding her hair found their hands and whos attempt to eat it. These pictures are captioned. "Man of God held in a woman's head from God Thapelo Mabopane and became her hair to the children food for men and women of God who eat Everything depends on what we say we bring life Due we speak to them. "

News Reports Early service Suggest Less Na, Na Mnguni ordered a piece meal Become fabric. Immediately congregants began to chew on it. During a service in May I speak with them about Adam and Eve and What if they were naked in the Garden of Eden. I mentioned in Genesis 2:25, "Having no clothes on them, they stand with nothing requiring them to shelter from the heat or cold or to hide any part of their body going out of sight."

I TOLD Help God that they later could even change time, and that when people started sweating and started taking their clothes off. Their behavior in response to a shepherd, says it is a sign of recovery. Everyone in the Church, I have insisted, healed and delivered from evil.

Controversial sermon shepherd Has drawn criticism online. "It should win a world record for stupidity," wrote one user Nairaland forum.

"Madness in the Church season 5," wrote another. "As artificial hair that is now a delicious meal in South Africa."

Believe it or not, these stunts are not uncommon exactly the new generations the African Church. Last year, Pastor Lesego Daniel, Rabboni Ministries Centre, SAID His followers eat grass to grow in God Coming more. Which they did ... whos


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