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Mr. Incredibeard and His Truly Incredible Beard Styles

29-year-old Isiah Webb is blessed with amazing genes that helped him grow a truly legendary beard. It is rare to find someone these days with such a thick overgrowth of facial hair. But Webb is not content with just having a long beard. He has transformed it into various strange shapes and styles, posted the pictures online and watched them go viral.

Webb calls himself 'Mr. Incredibeard'. "Beards run in my family, so I gave always really known: it's kind of tradition," he said. "One of my ancestors, Jay Gould, a railroad tycoon with stunning amazing beard, and we really look alike in many ways. Maybe one day I will be able to make a few billion dollars as a tycoon beard. "

I must say , he looks like he is well on his way to becoming a ' beard tycoon ' , if there really is such a thing . With its said it in so many creative ways - to eat a bowl of noodles , a ' beard bearded dwarf ' , a ' stairway to heaven beard ' , and even a ' shake fries & a beard ' . Yes , he actually uses his beard to hold a burger , some fries and a shake to his hands are completely free . I think that 's just for the picture though , I suppose that he would actually eat food off his beard . Oh , wait , he will . Isiah puts up these photographs every Monday , in its various social media profiles .

Webb gives most of the credit for Incredibeard his wife - she pushes him to keep growing it and are coming with unique design ideas . " He brings to life the art beard , " he said . " Incredibeard would be nothing without him . " In his blog , he talks about the different products he uses and gives style tips to her fellow beard enthusiast .

His secret go-to product for all kinds of style mustache logger Wax the bearded bastard and Beard Oil. With such a long name, the product better live up to expectations. And it does, but there are consequences. "If you've ever wanted to smell like a lumberjack in the middle of Alaska with an ax in one hand while using the other hand to slap a bear in the face with a salmon, is the product you want," says Webb. He paints quite the picture, does he?

But Mr Incredibeard's work goes way beyond his beard. Through its projects and blog, she trying to raise money for good causes. Currently, Webb is trying to raise funds to provide clean water to children, by selling merchandise Incredibeard.

"We are Using the inherent power of the beard to combat the lack of clean water in the world," he wrote on his blog. "In an effort to limit the number of child deaths every year we've partnered with World Vision, a non-profit humanitarian organization. Through this partnership we provide children with access to clean water."

Webb practically worships his beard and encourages all people to try growing one. "The greatest and most profound things a person can do is grow a beard," he said. "Everybody should try to grow a beard at one point in their lives. Man they succeed or not is not the point, all that matters is to try them. A real beard is not in your face, but in your heart. "

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