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Feelling Lonely? Rent a Japanese Middle-Aged Man for $10 an Hour

Ossan rental ( or " Middle - Aged Rental Guy " ) is the latest exotic rental service in Japan . As the name suggests , it allows people to rent an average middle-aged Japanese man for 1,000 yen ( $ 10) an hour .

Lots of crazy people services - rent Land of the Rising Sun , from the now famous Soine - Ya Prime rent - a chic - girlfriend service , simple option to rent - a - friend and even a rent - a- naked - thigh advertising services . So we have hot young guys and girls for hire , but what about the middle- aged man , is no one interested in paying for their time ? Surely there must be a market out there for them , too , right ? That is probably what the masterminds before Ossan Rental thinking when they decided to open the first rental service for middle-aged guys in Japan . Currently the company offers only two options to choose from , either the 46 - year -old Takanobu Nishimoto , a college lecturer in fashion and style from Osaka , or Mikio Sendou , a former baseball player and current sports commentator from Gifu Prefecture . They both seem more interesting dudes , and the roster of companies is only going to get bigger once the business gets off the ground .

Wondering what you'll get for 1000 yen ( $ 10) an hour ? The website suggest Ossan Rental available for rent in middle - aged men make great buddy to play video games with , extraordinary conversation partners , including shopping or errand man and can help you pass time in a more satisfactory way . The site is fairly easy to navigate and operate . All you need to do is put the middle- aged man like a virtual shopping cart and pay on delivery . There's even a Ossan rental hotline available , which just happens not to be at home as one of the guys on offer . Takanobu says he is available 24 /7 and that he must do his best to take your call at any time . Sounds pretty professional to me ...

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