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Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants a Whole Forest

12:13 PM

It is truly amazing when we get to cover the news of the man single - handedly created something very significant.Churches on a mountain side , for example . Or in this case , an entire forest . Jadav Payeng , a man in his mid- fifties , has been instrumental in converting a sand bar in the middle of the river Brahmaputra in Assam , India , in a large forest . His work of the past 30 years has been recognized by tourists and film - makers , the world over .

Mulai , as Jadav is known for its local, started work on the ground in 1980 . A scheme was launched at that time by the social forestry division of the district , involving the planting of trees on 200 hectares only. The project was completed after 5 years and all the laborers left , except Mulai . Engaged in war, he remained in and single- handedly look after the trees , continue to plant more of them . Ultimately , the forest expanded to 550 hectares . According to Assistant Conservator of Forest , Gunin Saikia , this is probably the biggest forest in the world in the middle of a river . Mulai says there is potential to extend it even further than 1000 hectares . Inspired , the department has planned to launch another plantation program this year .

The Assamese name given to the forest is " Mulai Kathoni , " meaning forest of Mulai . It is home to several thousands of different trees . Bamboo alone covers about 300 hectares . And it is not just plants , with animals living there . There are about four tiger , rhino and three more than a hundred deer , rabbits and monkeys . There are countless variety of birds that call this area home , as well . A herd of about 100 elephants have been known to visit the area each year for six months . Mulai Kathoni has attracted several visitors today , including the British film maker Tom Robert .

Mulai living around the forest , in a small hut , with his wife , two sons and a daughter . He makes money for a living by selling cow and buffalo milk . I suppose people like Mulai was an inspiration to the world . If someone can build a forest , it 's fascinating to imagine what we can achieve when we work together .
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