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Indian Man Bathes with Boiling Milk Once a Year

12:36 PM

India is a land of ancient culture , with skills that date back thousands of years . It is hard to trace the source of any particular ritual , let alone remember the significance behind it . Has no logical explanation available , some Indian skills seem superstitious and sometimes even a tad insane. However , this did not deter the people of India from participating in religious and cultural festival with gusto .

One such example is the festival of nine nights , Navaratri ( Nava = 9 , Ratri = Night ) , celebrated every year in the month of October . Dedicated to different versions of the goddess , all of 9 days were full of fun , good food , music , dance and religious ceremonies throughout the country . Life in India , Navaratri watching for me is a part of normal life . But then I heard about this man who is certainly not unusual , even for Indian standards . Every year , during the Navaratri , bathes him in boiling pots of milk . And he was out of the experience , not hurt .

The holy city of Varanasi is the home of the 80 - year -old man with an iron hide . The famous Durga temple in Varanasi , where he was a priest , sets the scene for his annual ritual . On the first day of Navaratri , all the people gather at the temple to watch him perform in the unbelievable . Nine earthen pots are decorated especially for the occasion , full of milk , and put in the primitive stone furnaces . Once the milk boils , the priest pours one pot after another over his head and all over his body. The ease with which he carries out the activity makes it all the more incredible . In the end , not so much as a scar on his face .

While there may be almost no medical explanation as to how he escapes burn injuries , the people of Varanasi is believed to be a blessing and a miracle performed by the Goddess Durga herself . Because not only did he bathe in boiling milk , later he makes the offering puris ( a deep -fried flat bread ) to God by getting it right out of the hot oil on her bare hand . Again , the priest was uninjured. " It is the blessing of the goddess that does not allow me to burn . Persons may call it superstition , but when you challenge the goddess of my faith , I must respond , " said the old priest . He may be right , after all , they say that faith can move mountains .
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