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World’s Quietest Place Lets You Hear Your Internal Organs

12:17 PM

The frantic and hectic pace of life , sometimes makes us all crave some peace and tranquility . But then, as they say , too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you . Applicable in silence , as it turns out people can not stand to be in the quietest place in the world for too long . The longest a person can take to have 45 minutes .

The place I'm talking about a room at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis . The room , which is also known as the ' anechoic chamber ' , was 99.99 % of the sound absorbent . The double - insulated walls are made ​​of steel and legs - thick concrete . Along the walls are 3.3 - foot thick fiberglass acoustic wedges to contribute to the ultra - silence also . The room will hold the current Guinness World Record for being the quietest place on Earth . While this may seem like a dream come true , especially for those living with children or have stressful jobs , it's really not all that great . The room gets so quiet you can actually hear your organs work . And after some time , begin hallucinations .

The founder and president of Orfield Labs , Steven Orfield says that people are challenged to sit in chambers with all the lights out . There was a reporter who has managed to stay there for 45 minutes . Mr. Orfield itself can do it for 30 minutes , despite his mechanical heart valve becomes very loud in the room . " When it's quiet , ears will adapt , " he says . " The quieter the room , the more things you hear . 'll Hear your beating heart, sometimes you can hear your lungs , hear your stomach gurgling loudly . At the anechoic chamber , you become the sound . "

Experience was so disorienting that can drive a person crazy . In fact , it is inevitable that people sit . Standing up and walking around is simply impossible . Because we orient ourselves by the sounds we hear when we walk , there are no clues to go by in the room . " You take away the perceptual cues that allows you to balance and maneuver . Whether you are in there for half an hour , you have to be in a chair , " said Mr. Orfield .

As strange as it seems , the anechoic chamber has many uses. Some manufacturers test their products for noise , and see how they can do more quiet . For example , the room is used to make Harley Davidson motorbikes much quieter, while retaining their trademark sound . It used to put in their astronaut through various tests . They are made ​​to float there in a water -filled container , to see how long it takes before you start imagining and how they can work through it . Because believe it or not , in outer space is just one big anechoic chamber - the silence out there is just too strong .
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