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World’s Most Expensive Coffee Is Made from Elephant Dung

You probably do not know it , but most expensive coffee in the world is pretty crappy , literally . Black Ivory coffee is made ​​from beans eaten and digested by the Thai elephant , and is priced $ 1,100 per kilogram . Enjoy !
I know elephants in Thailand are good at painting , but I do not know if they also make great coffee . The rare Black Ivory blend breakfast only four resorts in the world , three in the Maldives and one in Thailand . The man behind the exclusive Anantara Resorts has come up with unusual ideas of making coffee from elephant - digested beans . As strange and disgusting as it sounds , their idea really makes sense , in theory . According to research , enzymes elephant 's stomach break down the proteins in the coffee beans , and because protein is one of the main reasons for its bitterness , less protein means less of a bitter taste . The drinks resulted from the elephant - fine beans are said to be floral and chocolaty , with a flavor that contains notes of " milk chocolate , nutty , earthy with hints of spice and red berries . '

If you are worried that you can not accidentally drinking coffee made from elephant dung in your local coffee shop , do not be . The Black Ivory blend is in very short supply , with only around 50 kilograms of items available for purchase in the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Thailand . Not to mention the insane price of $ 1,100 per kilogram ($ 50 per cup ) just makes it a treat for the coffee enthusiast delicious deep pocket . Why so expensive , you ask ? Well , there are many reasons for the steep price . One , the raising of elephants in a natural reserve is not cheap , and 8 % of the proceeds from the sales of Black Ivory coffee to go in the first Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation . Then , while they may well be pooping out delicious coffee , elephants are not very good . The Thai elephants are fed only Arabica coffee beans grown at an altitude of around 5,000 feet , but they need to eat more than 72 pounds of coffee cherries to produce 2.2 pounds of coffee beans . Can be confirmed yet no one , but I bet the elephants get a caffeine buzz after every meal .

Strange enough , the former world's most expensive coffee , kopi luwak , is also made ​​from animal dropings . In Indonesia , civets - weasel - like creatures - are then fed coffee cherries harvested from their droppings . So when life gives you shit , make coffee !

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