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Artist creates hyper-realistic models of humans

Their skin ranges and gentle folds, hair protrudes from their pores and light reflecting off the tangible sheens of sweat on their bodies as they fed on the bed.

Pair may look like a couple lying on a mattress, but in fact they are hyper realistic sculptures of humans, showing a stone slab for an exhibition.

The model was created by London-based sculptor Ron Mueck sculpture who has been doing since 1996.

Although some of the sculptures is heart-warming to look at - like an elderly couple resting gently on each under brightly colored umbrellas - Mr. Mueck is not afraid to create more exciting creations.

In 1997 Mr. Mueck took part in the exhibition Sensation at the Royal Academy and presented laid an unsettling half-sized version of his own father naked - this is the only piece of work in which he uses his own hair for the the finished product.

Another one of his most shocking created a giant This baby was born, covered in blood in the umbilical cord hanging from his stomach.

In a rare interview Sculptureorg he said: 'I do not think of them as mannequins. On the one hand, trying to create a believable presence, and, on the other hand, they have to work like objects. These people are not living, although it was great to stand in front of them and be sure if they are or not.

"But ultimately, it is fiberglass thing you can pick up and carry. If they succeed as a fun thing to have in the room, I'm happy. At the same time, I would not be satisfied if they had some kind of presence that made ​​you think it was more than just objects. '

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