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The Creepy Walking Dead of Tana Toraja

12:24 PM

If you thought zombies were just a figment of the imagination of storytellers , well , prepare to have your mind blown. If the rituals of the Villagers of Toraja , Indonesia , is to be believed , almost every person who died can be a zombie . Apparently , some people that the village has had and still have the ability to make dead men walking . And I do not mean that metaphorically .

Reading about the burial rituals of Toraja , 've come to realize that there are two separate theories of how the ' walking dead ' progress . According to one , the ancient past , it was believed that a dead man should be buried in his country of origin , and not in place of his death . Since then the village and quite far apart , it is difficult for family members to take the body through long distances . Help people perform dead trend is sought , and the dead man was able to walk back to the village where he was born . Kind of like a mobile service for the dead , I suppose . So in those days , it was a not uncommon to find a stiff , lifeless blank , walking straight ahead . And it is said that if anyone met the corpse itself , more simply collapse , unable to continue the journey . Imagine the horror !

The second theory about Toraja zombies are equally dire . According to one, the Villagers believe death is a long process , and it takes many years for the deceased to work their way through it , finally reaching the afterlife . So you need detailed and expensive arrangements to be taken to the funeral , allowing the dead to make the transition smoothly . In the case of a family could not afford the arrangement , they can make use of a temporary coffin , until the funds are collected . Once the permanent coffin made ​​ready , the dead are actually raised and made ​​to walk to it . Again , pretty unbelievable .

But then , how would you explain this picture have been doing the rounds on the internet , a zombie - like the woman , standing with very little external support ? While some said could be a morphed picture , others argue that it can be a crazy woman , suffering from something like leprosy . Whatever it is , he sure looked very much like a corpse . And the fact that he seems to look to and to walk towards a coffin corner , makes it all the more scary. But that's not the only thing the mythology of walking dead id based on . Since the quality of the roads around Toraja is much improved , much like most of the people today to transport the deceased to the old fashioned way , but to prove they still know the secrets of the walking dead , mostly they perform their mysterious rituals animals . At funerals , it is common for people of Toraja to sacrifice cows , and then to separate the head from the body , reports say they can do the dead rise up and walk animals for as long as ten minutes ... pretty creepy stuff, but without any real video proof , I'm having a hard time believing it myself .
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