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Disaster Café – Where Every Meal Comes with a 7.8 Earthquake

If a 7.8 earthquake occurred during lunch time , most of us forget about the food and run for our lives , but in Disaster Café , in Lloret de Mar , Spain , earthquakes happen all the time , and all you can do is try to keep your drinks balance and hope does not get spilled .

Usually , people are terrified of earthquakes , but Cafe Disaster , the people who actually pay to experience a simulated 7.8 earthquake while they enjoy a delicious meal . I have not , but according to the online customer reviews , the place is so famous really need to make reservations in advance , to be able to get a table . I guess people 's appetite for disaster is much stronger than I thought .

From the outside , looks very ordinary and Disaster Café certainly do not show any real warning about what goes on inside . As you enter , realized the ground level is an alien -themed restaurant for kids , decorated as a spaceship . During weekends , some new visitors to a show with wacky aliens and lots of fun activities , but for grown up , pass the fun stuff below ground . An elevator takes customers thrill - seeking to " the depths of the Earth " , where they sit in a cave - like restaurant . The first thing you notice is the strange people wearing construction helmet and other safety equipment , then when the food comes , you'll realize that , for some reason , eating a lot heavier than normal . One thing that is really going on , but you're not going to waste time thinking about it along with all the delicious food waiting to be devoured . And then it happens ...

You always have to be on your feet Disaster Café , because you never know when disaster strikes . Here , it is always in the form of a simulated 7.8 earthquake shakes the place up pretty good . Lights start to go out , women begin screaming , chairs , tables and just about everything in the room starts moving and nothing you can do but wait it out and hope for the best . Unlike during natural earthquake of this magnitude , there's never any serious damage to the Disaster Cafe . In fact you need to remember is not to wear you're 's best element , because spilled drinks and food are very common here . A heavy meal will stop your food from flying off the table , but accidents do happen too often .

You'll be too scared to try it , waiting for the quake , but the food at Cafe Disaster seems pretty good and if you throw an unforgettable adrenalin rush , this place is definitely worth a visit the next time you was in Costa Brava , Spain .
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