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Guolizhuang – Beijing’ Famous Penis Restaurant

They could not pay me enough to try a bite of cooked genitalia animals , but there are people who want to spend hundreds of dollars on cooked delicacies like yak penis or sheep gonads . This is the kind of food you made ​​Guolizhuang Restaurant so popular in the capital city of China .

According to a popular saying , " Chinese eat anything with four legs , except tables . And everything that flies , except airplanes , " and the food served in Guolizhuang Restaurant, Beijing is proof of that . This quaint establishment opened its doors in 2006 , offering all kinds of foods with genitalia animals as the main ingredient . Many Chinese believe the animal penises increase male potency and do wonders for women's skin , so word about the culinary wonders are served at the restaurant Dongsishitiao Street spread quickly , and the owners are happy to expand their business . There are now several franchise around Beijing and one in Atlanta Chinatown .

The food and even visiting Guolizhuang Restaurant is not for the faint-hearted . Almost all of the food served here is made ​​from animal genitalia , although most of them are presented in an edible form and have interesting names like " The Essence of the Golden Buddha , " " Phoenix Rising , " " Jasmine Flowers with 1,000 Layers " . They sound pretty good , but it's really neat just penises cut into the shape of stars, sheep gonads on a bed of curry , or thinly sliced ​​donkey penis . The food is strange sometimes also eaten raw . Because the food served in the restaurant is not uncommon , even for China , part of the waiters work ' is to explain the characteristics of each dish to guests . For example , women should not eat testicles , because the hormones can give them a deeper voice and a beard , but penises are harmless .

The Guolizhuang Restaurant apparently dreamed up by a man known as Mr. Guo . He left China in 1949 , during the Civil War, and moved to Taiwan , and later in Atlanta , Georgia , where he began the study of traditional Chinese medicine , and experimenting with the genitalia or female animals . Although they are mostly known for their power boost , animal appendages are said to be low in cholesterol and has been used to treat all kinds of diseases .

Young people under the age of 15 are not allowed to eat Guolizhuang because the hormones in food can interfere with the natural development . Most clients are entrepreneurs who often come here with government officials because they need their help with something . Strike What better way ro a deal than a steaming dish of sliced ​​penis animal , right ? Another aspect that attracts this type of client is guaranteed privacy - all the tables are set up in private rooms and booths , away from prying eyes .

Among the most expensive foods served in restaurants penis Beijing 's yak penis ( over $ 220 ) , or 10 penises manifold plate ( $ 110 ) , but for very special clients , Treat Guolizhuang offer is worth more than a thousand dollars . One of the delicacies are exclusive property of the male tiger , worth more than $ 1,500 and have to be ordered months in advance . And to get a chance to eat it , a client must first fill out an application for a silver , gold or platinum card membership .

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