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Art Students Swallow Pieces of Film to Become Human Cameras

The next time you look in the mirror and ask yourself "What I " , a correct answer would be : a living , breathing camera . Last year , two art students , Luke Evans and Joshua Lake , conducted an unusual experiment in which they ate a few pieces of film to get the system to work Digest . Their art project is aptly named " Do I own my Inside Out " .

At first glance , the artwork of Kingston University student Luke Evans and Joshua Lake looks like a collection of captured specimens under a microscope , when in fact they are still their system to do what's Digest they do best , processed stuff . The two young artist said " We wanted to bring our insides out " so they ate a few pieces of 35mm photographic film and let their bodies do the rest . They are not doctors , so they do not know for sure how it will affect their health in any way , but as a precaution they put the film in brightly colored capsules to prevent damage to their colons ( things with sharp edges ) . Eat after the movie , the two students Graphic Design & Photography waited for nature to take its course and hope for the best . When the time came , they did their " business " in a bag , took it into a dark room and began looking for the capsules . Fortunately , their bright colors made ​​them easy to see . After getting rolled film , they scan them using an electron microscope revealed some interesting pictures of their insides .

"This project is not 'photography' in the traditional sense, in some ways it's image making about photography," said Evans Wired magazine. "There's a big history and movie set of rules around it, but who is to say that it should come in the way?" Although maybe it grosses some people out, you have to appreciate the originality of their ideas, right?
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