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Croatian Woman Creates Popular Made-to-Measure Penis Warmers

11:19 AM

If we can have warm clothes for our head , hands and feet , leaving the man why genitalia ? That is exactly the attitude of the Croats , who used hand- knitted woolen penis warmers in the past . The centuries-old tradition has been revived today by a 55 - year -old Croatian female , Radmilla Kus . An avid knitter , she started off by making footwear for the tourists , but his ' willy warmers ' turned out to much more popular . When the orders started pouring in she just can not keep up with them , so he had to hire a small army of knitters . Radmilla also conducts the 90 - minute cycles , showing participants how to make warmers

Croatia mountain winters are so severe frost - the bite is a serious problem for men in the past , especially during the long horse ride . So in order to avoid permanent damage to their genitals , the warmers , called " Nakurnjak " came into use . They are more popular in the region Mrkopalj mountains of Croatia , where the wife knit penis warmers for their husbands . According to Radmilla , " wife believes kept private part of their warm man allowed him to remain fertile and increase their chances of having children . " It 's funny , because the hotter countries like where I come from , men are advised to keep their genitals chill to improve fertility !

Radmilla penis warmers are made ​​to order , where the size of each customer need to bear . Like old times , he said . Of course , if people are shy , they can measure themselves and provide him with numbers . " Everyone wants XXL , although M would be enough . Such is the male ego , " he says . Radmilla is thrilled about the fact that his revival of the long- forgotten tradition has paid off wonderfully . He even invited to talk about its products in the U.S. , which plans to present a personalized gift to President Barack Obama said . I wonder how he achieved his size , though . He would probably be better off playing it safe with over - sized one !

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