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Alonso Mateo – The Internet’s Five-Year-Old Style Icon

11:23 AM

Most five-year-olds love to play dress-up by random integration of the dress to create the ultra-eccentric outfits, but Alonso Matthew does not fool around like that. The mini-fashionista sports the most impeccable ensembles, charismatically smiles and poses as nonchalantly as a skilled male model. Almost every picture of him posted online goes viral on sites like Instagram and Facebook, and his style is an inspiration to the fashion-conscious grownups.

Maybe Matthew Alonso only five , but dressed in plain suits , pocket square , rolled sleeves and untucked shirts and designer blazers he looks like a miniature human parents . The thousands of fans who see her every picture and praise his distinguished fashion sense about him , but there were those who thought it was too much for his age and that he should be allowed to enjoy the normal childhood . His mother , Luisa Fernanda Espinosa , a freelance stylist from Laguna Beach , California , said he never forced his love for stylish clothes to young Alonso . " I put a scarf or a Beanie him and he does not mind that. After a while , when he was 3 almost 4 , he started asking me for the silk bow and action " , Luisa told news reporters . His career as an Internet star Luisa began after uploading some pictures of his son on Instagram and got a wonderful response from the community . He kept adding to them , and now his account has over 130,000 followers . Own account Alonso gradually tackle up , and he has dozens of fan - pages on sites like Instagram and Facebook . Even famous stylists like Ugo Mozie , who has worked with Chris Brown , Beyonce , and Kelly Rowland , think he got swagger .

" I love suits , sneakers and sunglasses . Want to dress like my father , because he had cool action " , Matthew Alonso told The Cut . To find the perfect attire , she and her parents scour the store big brands like Little Marc Jacobs , Crewcuts , American Apparel , Dior , Kitson Kids , Gucci , Stella McCartney , Bon Point , H & M , Dolce & Gabanna or target . " When we go shopping, he wants loafers just like his dad and I can pay it , I get it , " says Luisa Fernanda . " As long as it's good quality , I'll take it " . Every morning before school , he and Alonso go to his personal walk - in closets and pick out an outfit . He is the one who decides what he wants to wear , but she always there to offer advice and make sure that the ensembles make sense . Kid has become so popular that sometimes when they go out , with fans waiting to take his picture .

"I do not know if it was because he was an only child and he was surrounded by so many grown-up he kind of wants to imitate what everyone around him is wearing?" Luisa Fernanda's mother says about Alonso passion for great clothes. I do not think "he basically Notice he is fashion forward. He was too young."

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