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30-Year Old Brazilian Woman Looks Like a 9-Month Baby

11:01 AM

We bring you the curious case of a real - life Benjamin Button , with the mixture . A Brazilian woman , who has neither aged, nor is getting any younger. Born on May 7, 1981, Mary Audete do Nascimento still has the body of a baby .

Maria belong to a poor family , living in a mud house in Ceara , Brazil . Her family consists of her father and his second wife , who has been caring for her since her own mother died , 13 years ago . The family is not able to provide any form of treatment for Maria , whose condition can be reversed if treated at birth . For now , he continues to live like a baby , unable to tend to her own needs , and not , even to speak . The house where Maria lives , however poor , does not seem short of love . His step - mother , Dora , has taken care of the girl - child since the day she married . Dora believes that it is the passion of his life , and that the child was sent to him as a gift of God , to take care of .

Experts from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ceara believe that what Maria suffers from a severe lack of thyroid hormone . As a result of hypothyroidism , her body has never been able to develop physically or mentally . They also went on to say that if the case is determined in advance , Maria could grow up as a normal child . The University has agreed to provide free treatment to Maria , to enable her to become a little more independent - to walk , eat and say a few words . But for now he is , in some ways , that's what every parent wants for - a child who never grows up .

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