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Good-Looking Blonde Complains She Is Too Beautiful

10:58 AM

It is not easy being beautiful, at least according to the 21 - year -old Dana Adiva , saying his appearance was both a blessing and a curse . He was treated like a princess , but the same time women are jealous of her beauty , and not only can help people staring at him .

Dana , an aspiring professional wrestler from Illinois , was recently featured in " True Life " MTV in which he complained about being too beautiful . The young blonde claimed that she had people telling her how pretty she all the time , but things got ugly when he got to high school . " I got so much attention from all the guys , but I do not get along with any of the girls , " said Adiva . " They are extremely jealous of me " . Things really got out of control when he started getting hate mail from the other girls, who have long forced her to drop out of school . And that's one of the tough things he had to deal with just because of his looks . Apparently, it also affects his chances of finding true love . " I'm expecting to find love someday but when you look at me like it was not easy . My looks get in the way , " says Dana . " When I walk into a bar I used to every person staring at me , " but people are really interested in him never seemed to take her seriously . Truly a tragedy , it is ...

But the wannabe wrestler admits it's not all bad. "I get anything I want and I get treated like a princess. Did not have to be smart, because my appearance," said Dana on the show. Still, the perks of being beautiful is not enough for her to start. Men stared at him "no matter what", which he thought was "the most irritating thing in the world", so she tried making herself more attractive. He tried dyeing her hair brown, wearing glasses and even putting on weight, but nothing seems to keep men's eyes off him. So eventually he decided to embrace his curse, and make itself even more attractive. He is planning to invest in some breast implants, which she reckons will make him go from a 10 to a 200.

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