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Chinese Transformers Fan Builds His Own Army of Robots

8:54 AM

All geeks love Transformers , but Yang Junlin of Huizhou , China , took his passion for the franchise to a whole other level when he opened the factory " Legend of Iron " and began making his own robot .
Remebre uber - cool Megatron Tank we featured a few weeks back ? That is one of the masterpieces Yang Junlin iron , but I had the idea he had created hundreds of other incredible metal sculptures . In 2006 , after retiring from the army , Yang went to a concert where various steel sculptures were placed on display . Some of them are simple human figure made ​​from twisted metal wire , but they made such an impression on him , he decided to try and make his own steel works .
A year later , Yang Junlin opened his own factory , Legend of Iron , and bicycles over 10 workers to help him realize his dream of building cool robot sculptures . They use all kinds of scrap metal , from old car parts to simple sheets of steel andcreate some of the most amazing looking Transformers replicas I've ever seen . Although he admits his work is too long , Yang has built over 1,000 iron sculptures since he opened Legend of Iron , five years ago , and never planned on stopping any time soon .
See more pictures of Geek eye - candy Legend of Iron creates , after the holidays :

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