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Everything – A Unique Fragrance That Smells Like All the 1,400 Perfumes Launched Last Year

Created by Dutch art duo Lenert and Sander , All is a unique scent that consists of 1400 samples per new fragrance launched in 2012 . Can you imagine what it smells like ?
The perfume business is doing better than ever , and it seems like every time you open a magazine or turn on your TV with new fragrance promoted . There are literally thousands of new fragrance launches each year , and it seems the world can not get enough of it . Inspired by this booming market , creative Dutch artist Sander Lenert and have spent an entire year collecting 1,400 samples of all fragrances launched last year and mixed it all in a 1.5 liter container to create a powerful combination aptly named All . If you ever asked yourself what a mix of all the world's perfume smell like , this is your chance to learn .

I for one can not even imagine the fragrance of a unique scent like all , but the two artists were kind enough to share their opinions about the fragrance in an interview with The Huffington Post . " We think all the smells of your average department store fragrance - walls smell hit you when you enter it , " said Lernert and Sander . " A friend of ours think it smells of Chanel # 5 . We think not , but love the idea that all of the fragrance mix 2012 ends up smelling like the most iconic fragrance in the world . " just because it is made ​​up of 1,400 different scent , does not mean that everyone wants it , as Lenert learned after his experience in public transportation : " When I tried this Lernert our studio yesterday and took the tram , the unbelievably handsome man came to sit next to him immediately got up and found another seat after smelling all . But hey , all is not for everyone " , the two decided .

Lenert and Sander presented their creation between March 1 -9, shop at Colette , in Paris , bold and offered customers the opportunity to smell the crazy concoction .

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