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Bob Baaa-ley Marley The Sheep

10:14 AM

He was named after Bob Marley songs Jamacian legend .

Some say for his dreadlocks while others argue the Devon long hair sheep was given the name because his trainer gets her off the grass .

The reggae star namesake , Bobbie Marley sheep is one of the top attractions in a unique farm in Devon , dedicated to celebrating the animals .

Trainer Wes Richards , said : ' He is called Marley for his dreds , it is because we can not keep her off the grass . '

But Anne Tattersall , spokeswoman for The Big Sheep in Bideford , Devon dissent .

He said : ' He was originally named Marley for his colorful dreds but it became a running banter that is because we can not keep her off the grass .

' It gives the elderly something to laugh about during the show . '

And he said Ewe is a hit with the kids in the audience .

The marketing manager , who worked with passion for 10 years , said : " Marley is adorable .

' The kids love her in the show and when the showman has shown the different theories about its name , it will give their parents a good giggle , while going right over their heads .

" With his long dreadlocks , he looks a bit like a small pony. He was really happy and wants of getting ribbons in her dreadlocks changed every week . '

Mrs Tattersall said Marley was one of a flock of 10 sheep with long hair Devon farms .

In total there are around 25 different breeds from around the world shows, all bred especially team , who celebrated their 25th anniversary this summer.

Mrs Tattersall added: 'The sheep show was so popular that it runs twice a day during the summer.

'All the sheep come out with different music to make it more fun and showmanship spend time talking about different breed, so it is educational and fun at the same time.'

He added: 'It is a wonderful place to work, the kind of place that makes you not want to work anywhere else. "

Mrs Tattersall added: 'At the annual session shearing, the shearer he ensured he left pure wool dreadlocks complete with colorful braids. This is who he is. '

Devon's rare long-haired generation produce more wool per sheep than any other race. They watch list of rare breed Survival Trust, listed as a vulnerable breed.


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