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The Most Terrifying Sea Creature ever Caught?

10:19 AM

A terrifying mystery fish tusk-like spike near its mouth and spines along its body is caught off the coast of Borneo.

The discovery baffled fishermen in the area and the authorities are also scrabbling to identify foot-long species.

Local temporarily named it the Armour Fish, courtesy of its sharp spines on the top and bottom of its body, which gets progressively smaller toward the tail.

Sapar said he and a friend went out on a fishing boat and traveled two hours from Miri River to the sea.

They started fishing around 05:00 and landed his sensational catch about an hour after arriving at a location many miles from Miri.

Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation Division of Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) is currently looking at identifying the entity.

Oswald braken Tisen, the deputy general manager, said: "SFC was unable to establish what kind of fish it was but in the process of reviewing the relevant authorities."

Sapar wife Siti Kadariah and his son taken to calling the creatures 'Armour Fish' for now thanks to its sharp spines.

Siti, 35, added: "My wife caught this rare species and I was surprised to see the fish.

"When my husband brought home fish, both my children were stunned because of its shape and unique. '

Siti decided to dry the fish so that it can be preserved and kept in their homes.

'It is a gift of God and me and my family to keep the fish, "he added.


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