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New York artist Paints with His Own Blood

10:04 AM

To better "dissolve the barriers between art and artist", the New York-based artist Vincent Castiglia is using his own blood as a medium for his disturbing painting. Throughout his artistic career, he used around 12 pints of blood. "My job is literally a blood sacrifice on the altar of art," says the artist.

While many artists claim lots of sweat , blood and tears go into their art , Vince Castiglia is serious about blood components . During the last 10 years , the artist from Hell 's Kitchen , New York , has been using his own blood as material for his art . In a recent interview , Castiglia said he was first inspired to use the different art medium by a need to connect with his work " the most intimate level . " It just so happens that human blood contains iron oxide , a pigment found in many traditional paints , as well as iron ore and common rust . The 30 - year -old begins his artistic process by pen or graphite Sketch drawing on a white canvas , before proceeding to extract the " paint " , in the privacy of his own studio . Then he dilutes the blood and used paintbrushes to create enormous reddish character with twisted limbs , or in various stages of decay .

Throughout his decades-long career as a painter of blood, Vincent Castiglia has had mostly positive reactions from the art lover, but he admits there are some who consider his technique gimmicky. "My response would be to actually look at the content of the work, which overshadows what is made ​​from, I think," he said. "In order for something to be a gimmick, it really does have to say is missing."

Paintings larger blood may take several months to complete, and his works range in price from $ 950 $ 26000. Castiglia's art has been exhibited mostly in America and Europe, but also used as cover for the debut album Swiss heavy metal band Triptykon's "Eparistera Daimones", and as a poster for horror slasher 2010, the "Savage County".

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