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Self-Taught Artist Takes Creepy Special Effects Makeup to a Whole New Level

26 - year -old Sandra Holmbom is one heck of a talented makeup artist . His works are so mind - blowing that hard to believe she had no professional training whatsoever . He admits that he really wants the special effects makeup - a fact that's pretty obvious from his pictures . It appears that he is about his own model , which creates the most spectacular looks decaying , festering wounds , rip - leather eye mask , rip - off eyebrows , skeleton mask , wrinkled faces and more .

I'm totally in awe of what the Swedish self - taught artist has managed to achieve , especially since I can not simply put up eyeliner without disruption . Sandra makeup is nothing short of being perfect . He tries out different ideas for fun and post tutorials on YouTube . Taken its finished ' looks ' go to his blog , ' psychosandra ' . " I get really lovely feedback on my makeup , " he said . " It was so fun to read all the comments from all the people out there . Sometimes it may be some who do not like or understand it . But if you are looking to do odd things , you should take it as a praise . "

His latest creation is lip - makeup that looks eerily like an eye , complete with eyelashes and everything. It took her an hour to complete . It is crazy to see her smile and splits wide open eyes . When asked about his inspiration , he said : " Often I just get a picture in my head of how I want to do this . But of course I also get inspiration from things around me sometimes. Environment , animals , and things . "
Sandra said she normally makeup as well , but face painting and special effects are his favorite . Of all the work that he accomplished , his personal favorite is the forehead - bursting alien he did last Halloween . " Just because it's so fun to do , " he said . His advice to aspiring makeup artist : " Do not be afraid to try it yourself, get it wrong . You can always delete and start again . "

I've just spent the last hour watching YouTube tutorials Sandra 's - they are fascinating. Especially the ' festering wound in the eye ' . It's just astounding what you can achieve some brushes and some pigment .


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