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The Picture-Perfect Pencil Portraits of Natasha Kinaru

Natasha Kinaru is a good , young Russian artists where pencil and pastel drawings of celebrities are incredibly realistic . So realistic , that they are often confused with digital ' enhanced ' photos .

" I am inspired by people , so different , beautiful , interesting , mysterious , bright , talented , " said 21 - year -old Natasha . " Drawing allows you to see them more closely , try to guess the character , to convey mood , emotion . Whether it works - . A portrait ( are ) alive , looking at it you can see the spark in his painted eyes and soul of the artist " some of his most popular drawings featuring topics such as Benedict Cumberbatch ( as Sherlock Holmes ) , Daniel Craig , Jim Parsons ( the Big Bang Theory of fame ) and Leonard Nimoy ( Spock in the original series of Star Trek ) .

Natasha said that she did not draw for fame . In fact , anyone can sit down with her for a chat and even pick up a few tips on sketching . He makes his drawings using a complex procedure that involves layers . Using pencils of different cans , he created tone , then pull the little details , completed the background shading and aligns the last layer . The end result is a character that is so alive and eyes so sharp it's almost impossible to believe this all done by hand , with pencil .

At first , Natasha began to draw the faces of celebrities' just to improve his skills . His visual art teacher always demanded perfection , so that 's what Natasha went for every time he picked up a pencil . But in the process , he ended up uncovering a major talent in his own soul for the taking of a person into a drawing . If you look at some of the pictures long enough , you can almost feel the people in their life . Haunting !


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