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Young Vietnamese Artist Carves Portraits and Landscapes on Delicate Eggshells

10:59 AM

Ben Tre Vietnamese artist uses his steady hand and a small dental drill to carve detailed portrait and landscape in the traditional chicken eggshells . The extraordinary artwork can be mounted on an LED - illuminated base and used as artistic lamps .
Ben Tre says she Division eggshells just started a year ago , yet every one of his many works appear to have been conducted by a contemporary master . He apparently experimented with a number of delicious tool to get the desired effect , before borrowing a small electrical auger from a dentist friend , and it has its uses ever since . Ben takes a day to complete his wonderful light carvings , and expert both celebrity portrait and landscape . The eggs are not chemically treated to harden the shell, making the artwork very vulnerable , but Ben offers interested clients the option of having weak carvings encased in a glass sphere for protection . An LED illuminated wooden base are also available to enhance the beauty of his fragile masterpieces .

via Neatorama


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