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Devastated Parents Store Their Dead Son’s Body in Icebox for Six Years

This is one of those rare stories that are both creepy and heartbreaking at the same time. Tian Xueming lost both his children in just decades, and decided to save her child remains in an ice chest in the house for six years, so he can see and talk to him every time was the massive loss hard to cope with.

60 - year -old Tian Xueming , a carpenter from Huangling Village , Chongqing province of China , I got married in 1979 , and took his wife to live in a small house made of mud . At the time they lived with six other relatives , so in order to provide better living conditions for his family , Tian went to work in the city . Thanks to his skills in carpentry and impeccable work ethic , the Tians ' lifestyle gradually improved . In 1982 they had a daughter, and in 1987 , his wife Yang Hongying gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. To spend more time with his family , Tian decided to quit his job and returned to his native village as a stay - at - home dad . He managed to build a three - storey house for his family , the most luxurious of all Huangling , and he describes those days as the happiest of his life . The new -found happiness simply did not last ...

It was a hot day when they lost their daughter, Yingying. The 15-year-old has gone to town to buy some vegetables, but when he returned half an hour later and he looked pale and tired. Still, he told his parents not to worry. An hour later, they found her collapsed in the yard, barely breathing. By the time the doctor arrived, it was too late for Yingying and today Tian blames himself for not taking care of her enough. Only when time begins to heal the wounds left by this terrible loss, disaster struck again. 9 years after Yingying pass away,, was diagnosed their son, Qinyuan with leukemia last stage. He had gone to university in 2005, and he remembers Tian Xueming would have given everything to pay his tuition and see him succeed in life, only it was not meant to be. In March of 2006 he received a phone call and said her son had a fever for about a month. He did not understand the gravity of the situation at first, but soon he and his wife by Qinyuan hospital bedside, praying he would somehow miraculously survive. He died in July, 2006, aged 18.

Qinyuan loss of Tian's world tore apart and they just do not know what to do to cope with unbearable pain. They decided to keep the status of their child's death, and somehow keep him around. "I told his mother that we should bury him, but rather keep our son around us. He agreed," said Xueming Chinese media, and that night they emptied the fridge, dressed in his body and placed him inside. Burial place they kept their son a secret for six years, during which time they would get seats around the ice box, lift the lid and communicate him as if he had left them. Tian says she and her husband knew it was the most normally do, but this is the only way to deal with the pain.

He knew both his family and his neighbors also means when they pressed him to bury the body Qinyuan, but he just could not bring himself to do it. "I knew I was wrong. Decision I had no great influence on the lives of my neighbors' as well, but I lost both of my children! No one understand my suffering," said Tian Xueming as he gazed into the freezer in the corner of his house. "Still, I can see my son whenever I miss him."



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