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Man Cooks and Eats His Own Finger After Losing It in an Accident

David Playpenz lost a finger and part of his hand after a motorcycle accident , but instead of just throwing away the amputated digit , took it home , cooked and ate it , and even kept the bones as a souvenir . Playpenz surgeon said they had cut one of his fingers turned black after it following a motorcycle accident .

The man from Colchester , Essex asked the doctor if he could take home with him after the procedure and had no objections . David says that he will always know about cannibalism and what human flesh would taste like , but the fact that going around eating the meat of another person is illegal , is very satisfied that he never his curiosity . Only now he had his own fingers to munch on , and when it finally occurred to him that no one was able to drag him to court for the eradication of his own flesh , he decided to eat it and keep the seeds as a souvenir . But the pump is not the only reason to believe in Playpenz to go through with his unique plan .

" I know it sounds mad , but it was not just curiosity . Toe That is a great little me , a little too big to lose , " he said to love it ! Magazine . " I decided that if I ate the flesh and kept the seeds , then I would be losing part of me . "

After two days of recovery , David went to the kitchen and cooked his fingers . To ensure that he did not damage the bones , he opted to boil the digits instead of frying or heating it , and did not season it with salt or sauce because he wanted to taste the real flavor of the meat . After telling his friends about his unusual diet , Dave admits he got mixed reactions . Some said they thought it was disgusting, while a vegan friend approved the experiment because he had his own consent to do so , while the animals are never given them permission to eat . Playpenz assured everyone that eats his own finger is not turned him into a serial cannibal Hannibal 's like Lecter . This is a once -in - a - lifetime experience that she would never plan on repeating . He is keeping the bones in a box , as a souvenir .

Dave posted a photo even cooked finger in his profile on Facebook , but I do not want to ruin your appetite even more by posting it here . If you're curious you can check it out for yourself.

Source: love it! via The Sun
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