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Golden Baba – Indian Holy Man Tells Followers to Live Frugally But Drapes Himself in Gold

12:24 PM

His real name is Bittu Bhagat , but his fascination with gold earned him the nickname " Golden Baba " . Claiming to be a living saint , this Indian holy man tells his followers to live in poverty , while he himself Covered in golden clothes and accessories worth hundreds of thousands of dollars .

Golden Baba has apparently been in the sights of the Indian tax officials for some time , but he also attracted the attention of the press when he made ​​an appearance in the holy Kumbh Mela pilgrimage with two young European beauties hanging on his arm and wearing dozens of solid gold accessories around his neck and his hands . He looked more like a middle-aged playboy than a holy man preaching about the prize of a simple life without worldly possessions . But reports claim Bittu Bhagat tells his disciples mud they shun their material wealth , even their clothes , if they want to follow him , and investigators say she only accepts donations in solid gold . Formerly a simple tailor , this Golden Baba now allegedly has a fortune of several millions of dollars and travel around in a fleet of chauffeur -driven Mercedes , BMWs and Bentleys .

" This is my way of preaching , the people who come to see my gold , " Bhagat said a word during the Kumbh Mela , in Allahabad . Referring to his refusal to pay a single penny in taxes , the Golden Baba , whose religious robes of gold thread alone is worth around $ 400,000 , said " This is the gold of God , not mine . Know if what is trying to tax officials to do , but I hope that by being close to me they long to be taken in the way of God and surrender their greed . " Yes , they are greedy for life ... weirder still is the fact that the Golden Baba seemed to have a lot of young European followers as well , as shown by the picture of him and his entourage to the Kumbh Mela this year . I wonder what he told them to get them to donate all their wealth to him .

This Golden Baba is not the only Indian who loves to cover himself with as much gold as possible . A few months back we wrote about Phuge Datta , a businessman who commissioned a 3.2 - kilogram solid gold shirt , accessorized with 5 kilograms of gold chain , bracelets and rings .

Source: Central European News
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