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World's biggest Snickers bar is 10 inches long and contains 2,000 calories

It was horrible chocolate gift that keeps on giving.

This giant Snickers, which lasts until nine servings, is almost eight times the size of a standard bar and packs a staggering 2,000 calories, which is equivalent to the recommended daily intake for a woman.

It measures nearly a foot long, weighs a hefty 454 grams, and includes 198 grams of fat.

The World's Largest Snickers Bar is sold online UK retailers for £ 24.99 time for Christmas.

The website says: "Grab yourself a meat fork and electric knife, divide it up, and enjoy a big mouthful of nutty, chewy, chocolate heaven.

'All of them need to be horrifically obese.'

It adds: "For the past two years, told us the Snickers" You're not you when you're hungry. "

"So imagine what an incredible person you'll be in time you feasted on large piece of candy."

However, it warns: 'The World's Largest Snickers bar is not a suitable substitute for a regular healthy diet.'

A Snickers - formerly known as a Marathon before the name was changed 23 years ago - contains roasted nuts, nougat, and caramel, milk chocolate range.

Ben redhead, from, said: "We're pretty big fans of confectionary giant, so we jumped at the chance to stock this behemoth bar.

'Who needs Christmas pudding when you have it hidden away in the kitchen?

'It'll be the gift that keeps on giving for Snickers fans by Christmas and more.'

The large bar measures 25cm (9.8 inches) long, 6.5cm (2.6 inches) wide, and 4.5 cm (1.8 inches) high.

A typical bar - is worth around 60 pence - weighs 52.7g and contains 250 calories.

Firebox say it is 'perfect' as it is, but also suggested their customers to try this deep fried.
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