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Thai Man Marries Dead Girlfriend

In this tragic love story from Thailand , a man decided to go ahead with the wedding he and his girlfriend had planned , even though she sadly died in a car crash , just days before the big event .

29 - year -old Sarinya Kamsook and his 28 - year -old girlfriend , Chadil Deffy , will be married this year . A wedding is considered the most special event of a woman's life and it is no different for Sarinya . He is eager to counting the days to the moment when he finally say ' I do ' , along with the love of her life , but fate had other plans for the young couple . Merely days before the wedding , Sarinya was involved in a car crash , leaving her severely injured . He still could have been saved with timely medical attention . However , the doctors made ​​her wait for 6 hours due to an overcrowded ICU instead of transferring her to another hospital . During this time , she succumbed to her injuries and passed away .

Deffy and Sarinya been together for 10 years , before they finally decided to settle down . They deferred the wedding several times , due to busy schedules and the fact that you want Deffy to complete his education before he got married. However , after the untimely death of Sarinya , he can not let her go without fulfilling her deepest desire . So , he still decided to marry her . On January 4, the Buddhist ceremony , Deffy married the corpse of his girlfriend . The event took place in Surin , a city in northern Thailand . During the ceremony , he expressed his devotion and deep love for Sarinya . Several friends and relatives attended the wedding , and even though it was televised on national television in Thailand . The story , along with pictures from the wedding have now become an internet sensation , sparking much debate .

Show pictures Deffy kiss on the forehead of the corpse and placing his girlfriend wedding ring on her finger . Hopefully her soul now rests in peace , having received his last wish . As a tribute to their immense love , Thai Youtube users created various video collages , like the one below . A Facebook page dedicated to two now " liked " by more than 30,000 people

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