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Girls Licking Doorknobs – More Madness from Japan

It looks like Japan is in the news , more often than not , for bizarre activities . The latest making waves on the internet is a Tumblr blog with pictures of girls licking doorknobs .

The work belongs to illustrator Ryuko Azuma , who says the idea started as many good ones do - with a drunken tweet . Famous for his sexy , edgy drawings , one night he tweeted that a collection of photos of a girl licking a doorknob would be a big hit . Azuma says he would have done anything about it if the tweet has gone unnoticed . But as you would have it , it 's not . A 21 - year -old photographer , Ai Ehara , replied to the tweet and that was how the ' doorknob Girl ' was launched . Ehara herself posed as the first doorknob girl , but when the site went viral , they began to hire several other models for the job . According to Ehara the idea was ' extraordinarily unusual ' .

While doorknobs are not generally regarded as a sexual object, the image of a woman licking one seem caught fancy country. So much, that they were even featured on national TV. Some say that a doorknob represents the perfect phallic symbol, especially because it comes in all shapes and sizes. The pictures themselves are generally not very blatantly sexual. The women are fully clothed, with different things cluttered around them. Sometimes they are dressed in a school uniform, and some wear a costume of an office worker. Developing the story behind the picture is totally left to the imagination of the viewer.

In a country where censorship law is pretty strict, artist, especially Manga and game designers, have been forced to be very creative in their descriptions of sexuality. Thinking about all the germs on doorknobs? Well, Azuma and Ehara always make sure they disinfect the knobs before a model started licking it.

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