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“Invisible” Bike Helmet is 4X Safer Than Traditional Helmets

Sweden has developed the technology for an " invisible " bike helmet , a device to wear around the neck and rivaling the idea of car airbags . Within 1/ 10 of a second effect , an inflatable nylon hood wraps around the user's head to minimize and even prevent injuries .

Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin This device working since 2005 in an attempt to revolutionize helmet and get away from the traditional design of hard plastic . The collar on the " invisible " helmet uses an inbuilt computer , and gyro sensor to track the movements of a cyclist more than 200 times per second .

Alstin and Haupt stated they used professional cyclists to help them simulate every kind of accident to create a highly secure and reliable new technology .

How Exactly Does It ?

The collar worn on the rider 's neck using a small gas canister on the protective hood auditing within milliseconds of sensing a collision . The protective cover remains enlarged for several seconds after the initial impact of the use case withstands multiple shots to the head .

Why It's Important

When speaking of their new helmet , Alstin stated , " It was really three or four times more efficient in terms of shock absorbance , and that the most important factor . Covered it more heads - along the entire neck - . Rather than traditional helmet "

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