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Groovy Toyota Changes Colors to Match Your Mood

Remember how mood rings are popular in the 70s ? Happy . Sad . Mad . Mood rings seems to read your mood and change the color to match it .

Toyota will produce , what only one, a mood ring tires . This unique idea of a three - wheeler wheel - less car can change the color and style according to your driving ... will explore the idea of an emotional connection between man and machine . Toyota claims the car will appeal to the consumer of the digital future generations who are used to the smartphone , iPad or game console from a young age .

Toyota codenamed FV2 , it is creating from Toyota engineers as the humanoid robot research . The FV2 uses image recognition technology to read your mood . A casual mood mean slower motion during fast head movements show anxiety . Cars can then change its exterior colors and patterns according to your mood , warning the people around you so you do not mess with the color of your car is red .

Besides an emotional connection , there is a physical connection too . Instead of a steering wheel , the FV2 Senses where you want to go when you shift your weight on the seat . The vehicle is able to suggest possible destinations by gauging the mood driving also.

The FV2 made ​​its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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