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Vampire Lady Maria Cristerna

10:14 AM

No one dares to cross Maria Cristerna, dubbed the Vampire Lady.

The 35-year-old grew up in a deeply religious family was covered head-to-toe in tattoos, had dental work so he appeares to have fangs and titanium horn had even entered his head.

People used to walk to the other side of the road when they saw her coming.

But the former video jockey turned lawyer has said he is always different.

Miss Cristerna grown and still living in Guadalajara, Mexico, one of the most notorious ghetto neighbors in countries where violent gang culture is rife.

He also endured years of domestic abuse.

But that has not stopped being Miss Cristerna person he wants to be.

Despite its impressive appearance, the mother-of-four providers conversation domestic violence women suffered the same ordeal as his city.

Her busy schedule also sees her travel the world as a video jockey on the side of his close pal and partner DJ decks GIS Sanchez.

A close friend said: 'In the early days the local people and anyone from the community who want to cross the road when he passed, making gestures as if he cross the devil or possessed.

'People are frightened her immensely and understandably Stunned by his presence.

'Many thought him drugs or crazy! But now they Kiss her hands when they meet him.

'Almost There adore her and take her blessings like he was some kind of goddess has mystical powers.'

Miss Cristerna is in Vienna, Austria, taking part in an event called wildstyle weekend - a tattoo convention.

Miss Cristerna said: 'I was expressing beauty through my art for the world to see.

"God lives in me and I believe this is what I do every other day for my actions and make me who I am, not what I look or my appearance.

'Yes I want people to look at me but I am a product of my experience and what I saw around me since very young. I've always been different!

'We all have the power to change the world if that is what we choose to do.

'Even if it is just changing your own world or events. We have the power within us all '.


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