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These boots are made for eating: Baker turns cakes into designer shoes

In any contest cake making , baker Debbie Goard is bound to be a shoo- in .. or maybe that should be a shoe in.

Ms. Goard is the dough and icing to the most exquisite replica footwear for over a decade .

His magnificent cake sold for over $ 350 each and make painstaking preparation time to get as accurate as possible .

The 45 - year -old, from Oakland , California , said : ' The idea that someone would want to eat their shoes always seemed a bit odd to me.'

' Shoe is really like day sculptures , and some people really respect their shoe collection .

' The cake tend to be among the most technical design , not at all unlike the car cake I make .

" I try to work from templates or blueprints to get them as accurate as possible , and I fully explore each design . By the end of some projects I have been an erstwhile specialized in the subject .

' Most of my shoes cakes start at around $ 350 and go up based on the complexity of the shoe and the servings needed . '

Trainer from the elegant designer labels , shoes hopped the cement from the plate .

California artisan Debbie cake was fashioned a series of edible design life size , from the sleek Louboutin Bibi Jordan Retro chunky ask .

The Louboutin Bibi Pump , made ​​entirely of fondant , Debbie took a week to work out and set up and designed as part of a birthday cake presentation .

Retro Jordan , also made for a birthday celebration , is created with cake , buttercream and fondant .

The details of the shoes are made ​​from fondant, with sculpting tools to Imprint texture and detail .

He added : ' The first Louboutin Bibi Pump I made ​​somewhat of a learning experience .

' Closed shoes that create unique challenges because , as convincing as the final product would be, it is still an edible product and sugar does not act at all like leather . '

'Personally, I'm not able to have a closet full of designer shoes, but I can make a delicious sugar facsimile. "

Producing more than 2000 cake, Ms. Goard has been the industry's cake for 25 years and had cake based on everything from road kill on a Big Mac.

'People can not believe my job is a cake when they first see it,' says Debbie. "And the reaction is everywhere" a cake? "'


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