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Immortalise your pet in felt! Artist makes tiny replicas of beloved animals

10:05 AM

Those looking for a unique Christmas gift or a lovely way to immortalise their pets can now have an exact copy of their colleagues sculpted felt.

For the ultimate animal lover, actually a pet fur may be incorporated in miniature to make even more convincing.

The model is the work of artist GourmetFelted that the work is for sale at online shopping site

As well as the pet replica, the artist behind Gourmet felted, Gerry, from Massachusetts, USA, makes everything from small pets for dolls wedding cake decorating.

Made entirely by hand, every inch is felted together from luxury fibers like angora and mohair wool as well, with many hours of going at each other.

Gerry says: "I have always been the most fun expressing myself artistically. When I was a little girl, I even painted seashells ... and yes, I did sell it by the beach!

"My mother taught me how to paint them, and time is precious. '

'That I sketched animals as I can remember, going through boxes of crayons! I used clay when I was a teenager, but I never thought I would be a sculptor.

" I put so much love into each of my creations and I get so much joy from making small pets, and also from the joy it gives to others . People have told me that they are tears of happiness when they opened the box and see their little like their pets.

This option to include animal fur with wool , Gerry says : I love the addition of feather sculptures and use many luxury fibers such as alpaca , silk , down , cashmere , angora , and mohair .

With an individual dog is valued at around £ 157, £ 172 and cat ( prices vary according to the amount of effort and time taken to create each piece ) , the model is not cheap , but the unique features of the sculpture means that there is a high demand and often a waiting list .

Although small cats and dogs are the most commonly requested sculpture , GourmetFelted make any animal or size .

He also makes models with vegan fibers for those who are not allergic to wool or animal products .

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