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The World's Largest Pizza Box Collection

Just when you think you've seen it all, Guinness World Records Day comes along and puts you back in your place. Leave it to a New Yorker to land a major pizza win: the largest collection of pizza boxes.

Scott Wiener of Brooklyn has amassed 595 pizza boxes from 45 countries. Just think of all the pizza he's gotten to eat! Inspired by a beautiful box he found in Israel, Wiener started seriously collecting in 2008. He prizes his boxes from other countries, and one in particular is his favorite: a box from the Netherlands that "looks almost-but-not-really like Bart and Homer Simpson," Wiener said in a press release. "I remember shrieking when I saw it," Wiener said. "It's amazing."

Wiener is not just sitting around admiring his collection either. Published his recent book on the pizza box art : " Viva La Pizza , " and are going on a book tour this month . He owns and operates the Scott 's Pizza Tour in New York City , and he actually won a pizza themed Guinness World Record for the largest box of pizza in the world . The pizza inside - Deliverable largest pizza in the world - fed up to 70 people and it seems to be better than you think tasted .

One , burning question for any New Yorker is : where and how they Wiener store all the pizza box ? NYC apartment is well- known for their lack of square footage , and Wiener space admits a factor he could slow his collection one day . Its storage scheme for now flatting out the boxes , stacking them on top of each other , and keeping them in a closet . Every once in a while , however , he takes them out to bask in his glory pizza box .


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