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Afghan Shi'ite Muslims Flagellate Themselves to Mark Ashura

Blood-covered young men gather on the streets as part of a religious procession in Pakistan.

The children also take part in bloody ritual self-flagellation which was held earlier in their Ashura on the ninth day of Muharram in Peshawar.

Shi'a Muslims around the world to pay their respects to their blood flowing as they mourn the slaying of Imam Hussein and despair, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad.

Imam Hussein who was killed by the army of Yazid near Karbala in 680 AD.

He was killed by his political rivals along with 72 partners in the seventh century battle of Kerbala where some of the bodies of the dead were then mutilated.

The people taking part in the procession hit themselves with a long chain and blades draw blood on their backs and heads.

Millions of pilgrims poured into the Iraqi city of Karbala for the best that the Ashura commemorations for now, the most important day in the Shi'ite calendar, with security tight following the mass-casualty attacks in recent years.

Shi'ite Muslims run between the Imam Hussein and Imam Abbas Temple as part of the ritual ceremony of Ashura in Karbala, 50 km south-west of Baghdad.

In some regions of Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Bahrain, the festival has become a national holiday.



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