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World's Most Expensive Socks go on Sale for £726

Stockings are a Christmas stocking staple but while most of us are happy with plain old wool, for those who can pay, Falke launched a £ 726 pair Vicuña.

The socks, which have their own presentation boxes, are available only in the golden-brown as the Vicuña, a illama-like camelid who hails from Peru, provides wool so fine that the process of dyeing would damage it beyond repair.

But the want of a couple will need to place their orders quickly, as only 10 pairs of luxury socks have been made.

The hose is part of the collection of autumn / winter specialist German Falke socks, which also includes 20 limited edition pullovers, each worth approximately £ 2015, made ​​from the same fabric.

The range offers a choice of roll or V-necklines, offers luxurious spin on the mainline collection menswear brand, most crafted from merino wool, silk and cashmere.

'The good thermal properties of wool and communicate the uniqueness of yarn,' explain the company to a description on the website.

'Falke is the first garment manufacturer producing socks made ​​of premium wool. Vicuña wool is the rarest and most expensive wool in the world, being softer, lighter and warmer than the other wool.

'Because the fibers are very delicate, natural golden color of the oil remains unchanged.'

Dubbed the most expensive cloth in the world , Vicuña wool is quite literally worth its weight in gold because of its rarity and the difficulties involved in getting it .

Vicuñas , a relative of illama and the ancestor of the alpaca , is the national animal of Peru and live high in the Andes mountains .

Their wool is the best of all animal - derived fibers , is only 12 micro - meters wide and can not be dyed because it is so delicate .

An endangered species , vicuñas can not be tamed , so all the wool is taken from the wild animals , which can only be caught and sheared once every two years .

If that is not enough , each animal will make just one pound of wool each, making rare wool as well as to get hold of .

But for those who can afford to splash out £ 726 on a pair of socks , rarity is likely to be just as much of a reason to buy as staying warm their feet .


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