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World's Tallest Man Finds Love with Woman 2ft 7in Shorter Than Him

There may be two and a half feet between him and his future wife, but world's tallest man Sultan Kosen is on cloud nine after meeting the woman of his dreams.

The Turkish farmer - who at 8ft three ins, dwarfs his 5ft 8 ins fiancee - is set to marry Merve Dibo in a ceremony today.

Kosen has long been searching for a woman to share his life with, and had reportedly given up hope - until he met Ms Dibo.

He told an AA reporter: 'Now I will have my own family and private life.

'How unfortunate I could not find a suitable girl of my own size. My fiancee is over 1.75 meters tall, but I believe I've found the person for me.'

Kosen also holds the Guinness World Record for the size of his 27.5cm hands and feet, which are recorded 36.5 centimetres - a massive size 28.

His gigantic wedding suit and shoes will be custom made, and the giant, who has achieved near celebrity status, has invited a host of politicians to his nuptials in the southern Turkish city of Mardin.dfafa

Kosen said all he wants now is a car big enough for his size in which he can travel with his bride.

He is one of only ten people ever to top 8 feet and the first in a decade.

He became the world’s tallest man in August 2009, when he shot past China’s Bao Xishun at 7ft 9ins.

Sultan suffers from a rare disorder called pituitary gigantism, which causes his body to continually produce the growth hormone.

His condition is believed to have been caused by a tumour in the pituitary gland.

Doctors thought they had cured him in 2008 when they removed the tumour but he continued to grow by half and inch a year.

Now medics say he has finally stopped growing.

Sultan grew normally until he was ten but the tumour then caused him to develop the medical condition.


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