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Jasleen The Giant Baby

Jasleen The Giant Baby
At nearly a stone, she is twice the weight of the average newborn girl.

But even more remarkable is that Jasleen’s mother managed to deliver her naturally, without the need for a Caesarean section.

She was born on Friday in Leipzig, Germany, weighing 13lb 8oz (6.11kg) and measuring 23in (57.5 cm) long.

‘My 11-year-old daughter was a third of her weight, my two-year-old son a little under that.

'My stomach was a lot bigger this time around but I had no idea there was such a giant inside.’

Doctors discovered that the mother was suffering from undiagnosed gestational diabetes which can cause abnormally big babies.

Jasleen is Germany’s heaviest, beating a 13lb boy called Jihad born in November 2011, but is 10lb lighter than the world record.

She is doing well but remains in neonatal intensive care at Leipzig University Hospital while doctors monitor her.



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