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No wonder it's called a kingfisher

No wonder it's called a kingfisher
There's nothing anyone could teach this kingfisher about hunting for food.

The colourful bird caught up to 50 unsuspecting minnows a day, diving into the water and scooping them up with its dagger-like beak.

At one point it even snared a young frog from the pond and took it away for her dinner.

The action photographs were captured by eagle-eyed nature cameraman Manfred Delph near his home in Gudensberg, Germany.

He watched the white-throated kingfisher for days hidden under a camouflage tent so he could be close to it as she hunted her prey.

Delph said: 'Kingfishers always come to this pond so they can hunt all the little fish in it.

'It is a lucrative source of food for the birds.The kingfishers like these ponds because the are like warm springs, and even in the coldest weather the water doesn't freeze over.


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