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Tokyo Dental Salon Specializes in Giving Girls Crooked Teeth

A dental salon in Tokyo 's Ginza district has become very popular with girls after it advertised a cosmetic procedure that lengthens and sharpens canines to enhance a feature Japanese call " yaeba " .

Crooked teeth are seen as imperfections in many western countries , and especially in America , where braces are practically a - given gift of God to man , but in Japan , a country where almost everything is different , these are considered to be beautiful , even adorable . Yaeba means double tooth in Japanese , but it does not describe major dental deformities , but rather the vampire - like look obtained when the two molars crowd the canines push them forward to create a fang effect . According to some sources , yaeba gives girls a feline look that makes them seem even more attractive , while others say it is a small flaw that makes it look a bit more approachable girl as opposed to the flawless magazine cover models of the western world . Many Japanese celebrities with yaeba , but instead of having it fixed with braces , they just show it off to the camera , and that just makes it more popular .

Yaeba was stripped of the hottest trends in Japan for years, and is now a dental salon in Tokyo has decided to cash in on this by offering to give the appearance of crooked teeth to young women with perfect set of teeth. Dr. Yoko Kashiyama and her staff at the Plaisir Dental Salon, in Ginza district, perform all kinds of cosmetic procedures, but yaeba is definitely among the most popular. Using non-permanent adhesive, she glues custom-made artificial teeth onto the natural canines to lengthen them and make them stand out. A Japanese television network has recently sent a reporter to the dental salon to report not only the methods but the true yaeba get it done himself. You can check it out in the video below.


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