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African Pop Star Becomes Ghostly White after Using Controversial Pigment-Altering Cosmetics

It is a little sad to see that in this day and age , people are still trying to change their skin color . The transformation of the Nigerian and Cameroonian pop star Dencia is particularly disturbing . If the photo is to be believed , he was from a healthy brown to a sickly pale white by using his own brand of skin whitening cream called Whitenicious . The controversial cosmetic products has brought him much criticism because of what it means , but the only response Dencia May need to silence his critics : " . I do not even important because it brings me business "

Whitenicious is said to remove the dark spots and effectively lighten skin in just seven days . Cream has become quite popular in West Africa , where some women are believed to be obsessed with the color of their skin . And according to Dencia , do not think he is he encouraging people to change , he 's just giving girls what they want . " The girls are not trying to bleach their skin . They are just trying to get rid of those little things that makes them feel uncomfortable , you know ? " He said , referring to the dark spots .

Dencia also tried to justify himself by explaining that many of his customers are African - American , not African . " Because white people do not even like light African . Would give Black African , " he said . " Look at all the successful African world. Them as black as Alek Wek . And if I was as Black as Alek Wek , I would never use anything on my skin . " I'm not sure what he says makes much sense .

Critics are not buying his explanation either . He has been particularly criticized for changing his own skin tone as a marketing gimmick . His 'before ' and ' after ' pictures show an almost unbelievable transformation. Many people think that doing what he was instrumental in promoting self - hatred to young African women with dark skin . When the product was launched in January , someone tweeted in response : " This # whitenicious cream you are an abomination and creating more insecurities with women around the world . "
" When told of Martin Luther King Jr. , " I have a dream ... " dream is not to be white , " tweeted another.

But it appears that Dencia is not too worried about that . " When you take pictures and you put a picture of Dencia darker , it 's what you say to people - that the product actually works . And guess what ? These people really want to buy it . it is what it is . did not really care , " he admitted . " I was never that dark in real life . " Dencia insists that it was never meant to be used as an all- over whitening cream . " I'm not saying ' goodbye to your black skin and try to be as Dencia . " That's not what I 'm saying . I say ' goodbye to dark spots and hyperpigmentation . ' "
Dencia is quick to point out that most women will not be used Whitenicious to change their skin tone completely, because of its luxury price point also. A small pot of something that costs $ 60 and you can get a great one for $ 160. " I do not see anyone spending all the money that their entire skin bleaching . Do not see that happening . " He said . " I have customers who come in and buy things for more than $ 2,000 Yes, I do . Do I ask them what they want to do with it ? No, I do not care because it is their money , this is how they want to spend it . "

He did not even seem very concerned about the possibility of her being cancer cream either . When warned about it , he was completely unperturbed : " But guess what ? These turned out to breathe causing you cancer . Globe Everything causes cancer . "
" Whitenicious is what it is , " he said simply . " Take these people for who they are and accept people being honest about who they are , what they do and all that . "
I'm having a hard time believing Denicia really as white as his Whitenicious take pictures of him appear , but even these are digital only changed , the message they promote is pretty disturbing .

Sources: Daily MailBET


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