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World's Most Endangered Language Is Spoken By Only Two People Who Don't Talk To Each Other!

Although there are about 400 languages ​​from all over the world who are at risk of disappearing completely, Zoque-Ayapaneco, an indigenous Mexican language is considered to be the most likely to become extinct, because the only two people the world speak it fluently, do not talk to each other!

And, not because they live in different countries, states or even villages - In fact, Manuel Segovia and Isidro Velazquez, both in their 70's, living within 500 yards of each other, in the village of Ayapa in southern Mexican state of Tabasco. They however, refused to talk because they are not much in common. Segovia seems a little 'cheeky' natural while Velazquez was described as 'feeling'.

At least be able to talk to Zoque-Ayapaneco with his brother Segovia was until he passed away about 12 years ago, and still manages to practice his family, especially his son Manuel, who for the last five years trying to figure out this and expect to be fluent enough to teach it to the next generation. Velazquez on the other hand, has not been heard conversing in the language with anyone.

The two men say the language that used to be widely used in the village, but the younger generation shunned for fear of being laughed at, and therefore began to die a slow death, such as the elderly pass away.

Unless the two men get their act together, the only way to ever even hear the language would be to either listen to the not so fluent description Manuel talk or see them in a documentary entitled "Lengua Muerta '(Dead language) is being obtained on the Zoque-Ayapaneco and 364 other Mexican indigenous languages ​​in a similar state of demise.

We sure hope Segovia and Velazquez soon find something common to talk about - Maybe the fact that the language is dying and that they should start encouraging and educating the next generation together?

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